The hardware.

The hardware chosen is second-hand. For the moment, it’s a DELL tower with 4 i5 3.20GHz cores, 16GB Ram and a 1TB hard disk. The idea is to gradually add proxmox servers and build up a cluster.

  • A Proxmoxe server to host Yunohost VMs, to centralize VM creation, backup and restore.

  • A VPN server to protect VMs’ Internet traffic from ISP filters. Each VM leaves the VPN server with a public IP.

  • A NAS server that serves as storage space for weekly backups.

The goal.

The current configuration can host around ten VMs, depending on the RAM required.
The aim of this project is not to make a profit, but to experiment with setting up and maintaining a data center. Then, in a second phase, to share the knowledge acquired so that the project can be replicated elsewhere. The annual fee of 5 euros is only symbolic, and serves to formalize the relationship between the service provider and the users.